Corporate, Commercial and Financial Services Structures


Ita McArdle is an alumni of Queen's University, Belfast (1987). Having gained the requisite qualifications at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies and a further year of Pupillage, Ita was admitted as a Solicitor in Northern Ireland in 1989.

In 1989 Ita moved to the Isle of Man to work for Jaques & Lewis an English firm with an Isle of Man office qualifying as an English Solicitor. Expanding her experience in litigation, corporate commercial, financial services and private client work both domestically and internationally, Ita accepted an offer to join Simcocks Advocates in the Isle of Man in 1993. Ita was appointed an Equity Partner in 1995 (the firm later incorporated). Ita retired from Simcocks in 2008 to focus on her professional directorship portfolio. Her portfolio underpins her Practice and highlights of her experience are listed below:



Commercial instincts in discussing clients' business needs and objectives which can materially influence the appropriate legal advice.


Guidance to clients in situations which require difficult decisions


Extending care, skill and diligence






Lawyer and Advocate

Practising since 1989 with multi jurisdictional experience

Funds and listing specialism 

Domestic and overseas  funds and most recognised exchanges

Independent Director 

Domestic and international structures

Inhouse Counsel

Permanent services and short term project work